New Here?

May prayer feed your actions, and may your actions feed the world.
— Neil Paynter

As most people in Colorado are aware, aspen trees aren't individual trees but are connected underground by a complex root system.  Given how many trees can be connected, these petite, beautiful trees can join together into mighty organisms.  In fact, the largest organism in the world is a single Quaking Aspen in Utah.  When we're at our best, the church functions in much the same way: we are connected, and we come together to be nourished, fed, and refreshed even though we live our lives in distinct places.  We recognize that our life "above the soil" is only possible when we tend to our life "below the soil," and we realize that without the trunk and branches, the roots don't really serve much of a purpose.  Our life of faith is most robust when we balance both dimensions: the interconnectedness that helps nourish our roots and the expression of faith that only comes through wide-reaching branches.  That's the kind of worship and service we nurture at St. Andrew.


What should I wear to worship?  Whatever is comfortable for you.  Some people believe it's important to dress up for worship as a sign of respect for God.  Other people believe it's important to come casually as a sign that God accepts us as we are.  We have people in suits and people in shorts (even in the winter).

Where should I park?  We have ample parking in the lot to the east and south of our building, including several clearly marked handicapped spaces.

Where are you located?  We are on Baseline, directly east of Williams Village (the tallest buildings in Boulder).

I've got kids.  What should they expect?  Children are always welcome in worship.  Using supplies coordinated to the day's Scripture lesson, children can let the Spirit guide their creativity at the Prayground Table in the back of the sanctuary or use activity packets in the pews.  During the 10:30 AM service, there is a time for children to gather on the chancel steps and hear the Bible passage shared in a way that is particularly child-friendly.  We know that children are better at experiencing the world through their bodies than adults and that can lead to skipping down the aisle or stretching in the pews.  We also know that children have a lot to teach adults about what's important and what's really not.  We would love your children to join us.